Get yourself a custom cover for your Window Air-Conditioner or Thru-Wall air-conditioner unit. Not a generic store bought plastic cover. Your cover has sewn on Velcro on all sides and a separate sticky backed Velcro is included that attaches to your unit, for easy on/off installations. Instructions for measuring your unit are as follows: Please measure the outside dimensions of your unit by the "Height, Width, and Depth" (H x W x D).



Window A/C's that have brackets for support will have no bottom to the cover. Please state your measurements and type of unit (window/wall, with or without brackets), and your choice of colors.


Please submit the following when ordering a cover for your window/wall unit:

*Window Air Conditioner or Thru-Wall unit.

*Height, width, depth (H x W x D), outside measurements only needed.

*Bracket support or not.

Please Note: For window/wall units your model number is NOT needed for these types of covers.



Shipping offered by:


(Covers are usually shipped within 2 to 3 weeks) 

Contact us at:
Phone: 727-862-7309
Toll Free: 877-HVA-COVR (877-482-2687)
Fax: 727-

Email: HvacCovers@aol.com
& PoolHeaterCovers@aol.com

Caution: Covers are NOT to be placed on the unit when it is on and running! Major damage to your unit will occur. Our covers are for the non-season/winter use only. We are NOT responsible if you leave your cover on while in use and running.